The Teenage Textbook and Workbook
The Teenage Textbook and Workbook


A visual reinterpretation of


by Adrian Tan

The Teenage Textbook and Workbook is a throwback to what it was like being a teenager in the 80s; a story of young love, life, lust and heartbreak peppered with the Singaporean flavour of ironic humour you can recognise from a few HDB blocks away. Simultaneously, within its universe, they are the pair of essential survival guides to the hot (and sometimes sticky) mess that is teenagehood which just about everyone is reading, despite all that dubious and sappy advice. At the heart of the story is Ice Cream Girl's journey through the most tumultuous and uncertain phase of her life thus far as she plods on, knee-deep and beyond. No matter the context or age, which Adrian Tan has purposefully labelled as "..for teenagers from 13 to 83", the universal themes still strike a chord among readers in the present-day. After all, we've been there.


The Teenage Textbook and Workbook



I was invited to contribute to this issue of the quarterly publication which features a series of book covers reinterpreted by artists from Asia and across the world for a collection of classic titles selected by Singapore National Library Board (NLB). The magazine was released as part of the nationwide Read! Singapore campaign which aims to make reading a more prominent part of local culture.

Artworks were also exhibited at NLB from June 20 – August 31, 2014.

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