Instagram collaboration

Familiar Resistance

On the opposing forces we face every day

Esquire Singapore

Illustrations for a Gucci Fashion Feature

Most Wanted

On women’s sexuality & self-expression

George Goes To Japan

Lien Foundation Annual Report: Print

George Goes To Japan

Lien Foundation Annual Report: Website

Esquire Singapore

Illustrations for Manual

Please Come Back Tomorrow

A series on the Merlion’s day off

IKEA Singapore

Illustration for press ad

Esquire Singapore

Opener illustrations

The Teenage Textbook and Workbook

Reimagined book cover

By the Sweat of Their Brows

Dying trades in Singapore

Heart of the City

Part of a Supermama collection

The Lady Vanishes

Reimagined film poster

Maki-San マキさん

Branding & print

Tsunami つなみ

Reaction to the Japan 3.11 disasters


On hyperculture & Instagram

Forget Me Not

Alzheimer’s awareness


Kinetic Fanzine #2